Saturday, January 30, 2010

Delivers by Feb 13th (wink wink)!

Ok, so if my husband is reading this blog he will now know what to get me for Valentine's Day! We don't usually celebrate these somewhat fabricated holiday's but for this chair I will make that exception!! I found this amazing rocker on Overstock today(thanks to a blog I follow) for an amazingly low price. This will be so perfect for the babies area in our room. I went to the Art Institute and majored in design but the designer in me has been dormant due to lack of finances and of course the more important stuff like church and family. Now being 6 monthts pregnant my mind can't stop dreaming of modern decor!!


  1. I have been wanting this same chair (Charles Eames design) for about 5 years now. It is an AMAZING chair. Truly!

  2. I know! This and the plywood chair, I chose to study in one of my classes. Some people are really against buying knock off vintage pieces but I could never afford the real thing!