Monday, April 13, 2009

Easter morning, the kids woke to find their baskets waiting for them. Eden got to do an Easter egg hunt at the church. We are trying to teach Dakota and Eden the true meaning of Easter, and realizing what Jesus did for us and how thankful we should be that he is our Risen Savior.

After church Easter Sunday, we made our way to the Angel's stadium to watch them beat the Red Sox! Eden made it to the 6th inning and then crashed. It was great end to a perfect day, celebrating the ressurection of our Lord Jesus Christ!
This was Dakota's last day in a uniform, he was quite happy about that. He'd been asking for so long if he could do homeschool and when I finally decided to do it, you could only imagine how happy he was. Dakota loves just hanging at home with his family, I just knew homeschool was the right choice for him.

The age gap between them is pretty big but they still play together nicely...well, most of the time!

Future major league player for the Los Angeles Angels! He's got some real talent & everyone who watches can't help but notice what a natural he is. It's so exciting to watch him play because Iv'e never seen him show such a love for a sport than when he's playing baseball. I'm one proud Mama.

My little girl is growing up so fast! I can't believe she's already going to be 2 next month.

Eden's shoe and hat obsession is still ongoing. I have a feeling it could get quite difficult as she gets older. I have a hard time getting her dressed with what I want to put on her. If she doesn't like the shoes I put on her she throws a fit until I put the ones that she grabs...she's not even two!!! She's a girl who knows what she wants and won't stop till she gets it, I know God has great plans for her!

If Dakota isn't surfing or playing baseball you'll find him at the Van's skatepark with his Dad. Dakota is one of those kids who loves to do a bit of everything and lucky for him...he's an excellent little athlete! Loving the messy do.

Dakota and I are having a blast doing homeschool. We start school when Edo takes her first nap in the morning & were usually done by the time she wakes. It's nice to be able to spend more time together. On this paticular day it was so nice out that we moved our school to the backyard.

It's so funny to see how different she and Dakota are from eachother as she gets older. Dakota was always really mellow and didn't like to wander off to far from us. Eden on the other hand is a little to comfortable being on her own and loves to run off from us...and that's where that monkey she's wearing comes in. I hold the monkey tails while she walks because this little girl does not like to listen when were yelling her name!

Riding her brother's scooter, or at least trying to!