Saturday, February 14, 2009

Anyone who knows Eden can testify to how busy and how much energy she really has! But for the past week my little peanut got hit with the stomach flu and has not been her usual busy self. She just got up from a nap but still wanting to just lay in bed.  She's a lot better today but I can't wait till I get my crazy little girl back...I never thought I'd say that!
My poor little pumpkin, you know she's sick when she falls asleep on the couch. The Wiggle's were even on the tv...Wow!
I have a basket full of scarves and hats that she loves to rummage through. She'll bring me the things that she wants me to put on her. Little girls are fun, I can't wait till she gets a little bigger and she wants to dress up and then go out in her crazy costumes. I love seeing little girls at the grocery store in their princess outfits, it's too cute!
Edo in her stylish raincoat with her little Converse. She is so funny, she just loves to run around the house and get in to everything she can. With Dakota I never had to put safety locks on the cupboards, but with's a whole different story!
Eden is really growing up. Her hair is starting to get long enough to put in pigtails and she just looks like such a toddler! It's so hard to believe that she will be 2 in just 3 months! I enjoy all these times with her so much because I know how quickly it goes by.
She loves playing in her tent.

Sunday, February 1, 2009

Deacon is so funny, he loves to look for toys to play with in Eden's toy box. And pretty much every time he comes out with the same toy...
 His little stuffed puppy.
 As you follow my blog more and more you will see  that I have a cupcake obsession! These one's are from Sprinkles, they are more aesthetically pleasing than they are tasty. But I still love going there. Across the way at Bristol Farms though, they've got some awesome ones! 
Her exact words when I was trying to get this picture..."Edo!"
My kids love The Camp, it's the closest they've ever come to really camping...sad to say.  We get a little dessert from Natives and sit around the fire pit they have, it's soo nice. She's not to happy at the moment because I made her stop for a picture!
Model material right here! 
Since we started a fast with our church we have been spending a lot of time at The Camp, enjoying amazing food at Native Foods. It's so nice not to have to drive to LA to get good Vegan food!
Couldn't make it through, Horton Hear a Who. There she is again with that blankie and "b-b".